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A Fresh Take On Court Reporting

At REC we deliver both in-person and completely remote stenographic court reporting, in an innovative, fair and simple way: using an hourly rate model, rather than the outdated page rate model.

Stenographic Services

Court stenographers are responsible for accurately transcribing everything said during your legal proceeding. Luckily, our on-staff stenographers are some of the most accurate and efficient in the industry. See for yourself how law firms across the Tristate are saving time and money, by booking with REC.

Remote Court Reporting

We all know that COVID-19 caused almost every industry to go remote – stenography and legal proceedings were not spared. If your team is still opting for remote proceedings, our agency will pair you with one of our court reporters trained in remote reporting.

Event Transcription Services

Stenographers aren’t only essential for legal proceedings. They’re a must – have for any important event that may require transcription. If you host an event that you want to remember for years to come, put it on the record with REC.

Ready to save time and money?

Love Surprise Invoices and Hidden Fees?

Neither do we. Contact us today for more information on how booking with REC and using our hourly rate, will save you time, money and stress.


REC is an agency for court reporters, focused on creating a happy medium of fairness, simplicity and efficiency between our stenographic professionals and our clients, across New York.

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