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Court reporter billing can be a nightmare. Some law firms expect litigants to pay the court reporter directly. Some law firms hold direct agreements with court reporters. Unfortunately, to get business in the door, a lot of court reporting firms overpromise and underdeliver. It’s the reality of an opaque market. The system has been designed in such a way that a deposition is taken, its length is case-specific, the “pages” are court-reporter specific, and the billing practices are firm-specific. That adds up to a scenario where someone looking to buy court reporting services has to find a trustworthy service that will quote them a reasonable price. That’s tough to do with per-page pricing, which is impacted, again, by the case, reporter, and reporting firm.

It’s no wonder that consumer lawyers and litigants are left wondering: What am I paying for? Under the umbrella of “court reporting,” most consumers are familiar with stenographic court reporters, people that take down testimony in machine shorthand using a stenotype. Voice writers, people with trained voice profiles that “respeak” testimony into specially-configured automatic speech recognition software, are another method. Finally, there’s digital reporting, where the testimony is recorded digitally and transcribed later. Some companies, citing shortage, have insisted there are not enough stenographers, and therefore digital reporters must be used. The truth is simpler: These companies want to cut stenographic services consumers know and love and keep stenographic pricing. It’s an attack on consumer choice labeled as a necessity so that consumers don’t complain.

Here at REC, we sell simplicity. We have an hourly pricing model that covers the stenographer’s fee, with other services, products, and solutions at cost. Stop haggling with your court reporters over original and copy pricing. Book with REC, split the bill, and rest easy knowing your bill is going down. Finding a stenographer has never been easier.

Inherent to our mission is transparency. Though our company handles only New York matters at this time, we recognize that consumers have questions about pricing trends in the industry. To this end we’ve created a free page rate report that gives a snapshot of the New York, California, Illinois, and Texas markets as reported by survey respondents. As owner of REC, I’m proud to present this report as something to help guide consumers and understand page-rate pricing trends.

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