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Court reporters are the gold standard of deposition and trial deposition transcription. Unfortunately, court reporters are undercompensated by many of our competitors. Court reporters and their customers are being nickeled and dimed with no productivity gains. REC aims to change that for court reporters and legal teams alike. See why your search for court reporting jobs ends at REC.

Our plan

By adopting a model focused on our employees, we can begin to secure more rights, better pay, and proper working conditions for the working reporter, while simultaneously bringing down the court reporting costs of our clients. It is legitimately a “win-win” scenario.

Your rights as an REC employee

  • Commission-based, competitive pay, starting at $258 per deposition hour
  • Protection from illegal discrimination
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Home-based transcription
  • The right to unionize
  • The right to freelance work (provided your side-work does not interfere with your work at REC)
  • Cross-training opportunities
  • Percentage-based finder’s fee for clients you bring in to work with REC
  • Liability protection

We value your work and time, and will fight for your right to fair and adequate compensation and treatment in the court reporting space. In return, you give our customers the high-value court reporting experience they deserve.

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REC is an agency for court reporters, focused on creating a happy medium of fairness, simplicity and efficiency between our stenographic professionals and our clients, across the tri-state area.

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