Product Parameters

Expedited Service

  • Standard 10 Business Days: $516 per hour — book now.
  • 9-Day Expedite: $567.60 per hour.
  • 8-Day Expedite: $619.20 per hour.
  • 7-Day Expedite: $670.80 per hour.
  • 6-Day Expedite: $722.40 per hour.
  • 5-Day Expedite: $774 per hour.
  • 4-Day Expedite: $825.60 per hour.
  • 3-Day Expedite: $877.20 per hour.
  • 2-Day Expedite: $928.80 per hour.
  • Next Business Day: $980.40 per hour.
  • Immediate: $1,032 per hour.


The hourly model shines when you split the bill. See our splits graph below.

All hourlies are prorated down to the minute, from the time a proceeding is scheduled to start to the end of the proceeding. For excessive waiting time, a waiting hour of $170 may be applied instead of the $516 rate.

All jobs have a 2-hour waiting minimum of 340.56.

Contracts are available for as low as $350 per deposition hour.

Rough draft and realtime services typically cost 50% more than listed prices. We will calculate the total expenses of your realtime and rough draft costs at booking confirmation.

All other expenses at or near cost.

Splits Graph

Save hundreds by splitting the bill with REC Reporting

What Is An Hour?

Our hourly model rolls transcription time and deposition time into one simple rate. Multiply the hours spent at the proceeding by the hourly rate and you know how much your transcript will cost every time guaranteed. Book with REC Reporting today!

What Does This Solve?

  1. Funky layouts. Court reporting agencies narrow page margins to squeeze more pages out of your deposition, causing you to pay for more pages – this is typically known as layout manipulation. With an hourly rate, there’s no need for REC to manipulate your margins. Say goodbye to bizarre layouts and paper-killing court reporting firms with REC.
  2. Copy abuse. Traditional court reporting companies charge low on the original page rate, sometimes even taking a loss after they’ve paid the court reporter. Why? They will make up for that loss by charging a sky-high copy rate. They do this because they know you are locked into buying from them. We’ve even seen copy charges as high as $11.50 per page! REC’s hourly rate model does away with copy charges as a whole. Stop being taken advantage or and bait-and-switched. Book with REC now!
  3. Budget blues. With our upfront hourly rate and your deposition time estimate, we can calculate what you’ll spend on court reporting services for any proceeding before it happens. That’s something our competitors that use the original page and copy model just cannot do for you.
  4. Invoicing arguments. Since our pricing model is hourly and not based on pages, you get a rate in black and white – with no copy charges. You’ll never be surprised by a court reporter invoice again.
  5. Split savings. Since original and copy customers pay different prices, sometimes splitting the bill doesn’t make sense under the page rate model. With REC’s hourly rate model, you have a concrete total per hour. This makes splitting the bill simple – and it means that every time you split the bill with other parties, you save money.

Hourly Too High?

Every hour on the stenotype takes one to three hours of transcription. Effectively one is paying $129 an hour for a skill that only about 0.00009% of the country does professionally. Simply put, it’s a great deal.

2-Hour Minimum?

Interpreters, captioners, and videographers have all adopted a two-hour minimum model. Court reporters didn’t, and it helped cause a court reporter shortage. Remember, our model is designed to save you money and make splitting the bill more efficient and affordable. Questions about cancellations or rescheduling? See our cancellations and rescheduling policy.

Our Expectations.

Have you ever been told by a court reporter that you talk too fast? Chances are high – you don’t talk too fast. There are just a few simple rules you can follow to make every proceeding go smoothly:
1. Give the court reporter or REC nouns or technical terms ahead of time.
2. Spell uncommon names or technical terms.
3. Slow down when reading aloud. Trust us, it makes a better record.
4. Recite numbers slowly and clearly.
5. If your court reporter communicates that there is an issue with the proceeding, believe them. We’re trained not to interrupt unless the record is in danger.


REC is an agency for court reporters, focused on creating a happy medium of fairness, simplicity and efficiency between our stenographic professionals and our clients, across the tri-state area.

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