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The same court reporting service you know and love for an easy hourly rate. Simply auto-book one of our world class stenographical professionals. We will then reach out to you to go over all details pertinent to your depo, and pencil your depo in with a black and white rate. After that – we’ll see you at your deposition! Or, we’ll see you remotely. It’s never been easier to find a qualified stenographer!

Save on splits

Traditional court reporting agencies undercharge on the original page rate, sometimes even taking a loss after compensating their court reporter. How do they make up for that loss? By way of an underhanded business tactic called copy abuse. This is when the court reporting agency doubles or triples the cost of the page rate, and applies that total to the copy rate (we’ve seen copy rates as high as $11.50!) With our hourly rate, split the bill and save your businesses big money. With REC, the bigger your depo, the more you save!


All of our court reporters are top of the line stenographical professionals. We will match you with one of our on-staff court reporters, guaranteeing you retain the level of service that you have come to know and love. Our court reporters are the gold standard of court reporters. With REC, you’re getting professional grade service, at an inexpensive rate, in a simple and innovative way.

CR Talk

“I love the revolutionary concept of paying reporters hourly and doing away with cumbersome and often confusing by-the-page transcript invoicing. By embracing transparency and fair dealing, Chris Day and REC Reporting, Inc. are steering stenographic reporting in a bold new direction.”

– Joshua Edwards, RDR, CRR, CRC

“It is clear to me that the competition is not meeting the needs of consumers or reporters in New York City and that reflects poorly on my profession. Stenography is the gold standard of legal proceeding recordation. When I am done, no one will ever dispute that again.”

– Christopher Day, founder of REC Reporting

The Court Reporter Shortage

Some of our competitors claim that the nation’s stenographer’s shoddy service is to blame for the current stenographer shortage. They utilize an outdated forecast called the 2013-2014 Court Reporting Industry Outlook Report by Ducker Worldwide to “prove” this claim. In reality, since the colloquial Ducker Report, stenographic recruitment accelerated and continues to accelerate. Competitors that push “shortage” have never adjusted Ducker’s numbers for the explosion of recruitment our industry experienced over the last decade, and don’t utilize modern methods of recruiting stenographers. At REC, we handle all of that for you.

Data says steno is here to stay

Testifying While Black

Stenographic court reporters are tupically certified by the National Court Reporters Association at 95% accuracy – that’s without being allowed to ask for a repeat. Imagine our surprise when court reporters scored an average accuracy of only 80%, when transcripting the African American Vernacular English dialect! What didn’t make the news? That was doubly as accurate as non-court reporters, as tested in pilot 1. Discontent with only being twice as accurate as uncertified reporters, legitimate court reporting professionals sought additional training. This is all to say that when a deposition gets underway, most of the time, there will be many different sub-dialects derived from the English language. Employing an uncertified reporter, or attempting to use AI, will result in ridiculoulsy low transcription accuracy. Stenographical professionals are the gold standard of court reporting – with no contest.


In the Racial Disparities in Automatic Speech Recognition study of 2020, all of big tech’s finest ASR was put to the test. To put it bluntly, the results were horrifying – with word error rates as high as 75%. There are claims that AI-assisted transcription is the future. When you choose AI, you’re choosing a future where 1 in 5 words are transcripted correctly. When you choose REC, you’re choosing a future where 80% accuracy at minimum is a common standard. View the full RDIASR report here.


REC is an agency for court reporters, focused on creating a happy medium of fairness, simplicity and efficiency between our stenographic professionals and our clients, across the tri-state area.

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