The Hourly Rate

The Hourly Rate

The Hourly Rate: If it is broke – fix it.

In the year 2022, there’s a lot wrong with our white collar working class interaction, but when there’s an opportunity to correct something that mutually benefits multiple industries full of hard-working professionals, it makes sense to go for it. That’s what we’re doing at REC Reporting, Inc., with our proprietary hourly rate model. This allows legal teams to predict their total transcript cost before the proceeding even begins – and it allows fair compensation for stenographic professionals. Need a reason to switch to the hourly model? Here’s four.


For a long time, the page rate model has been ineffective, budgeting-wise. With REC’s hourly rate, you’ll never have to guess again what your invoice will look like. We’ve rolled transcription and deposition time into one simple hourly rate. Multiply the hours spent at the proceeding by the hourly rate, and you have your invoice in front of you, before we even send it out! Additionally, our model makes splitting the bill make sense – and makes it easier and more affordable than ever.

Copy Abuse

Traditional court reporting agencies charge low on the original page rate, sometimes even taking a loss after they’ve paid the court reporter. This is because they know copy customers are locked into buying from them, so they super charge on copy rates, sometimes as high as $11.50 per page! Yikes! With our hourly rate model, we’ve done away with copy charges – that means big savings for your team and your clients.

The Layout

NYC court reporters are notoriously underpaid. This has caused a shortage of qualified court reporters. As a result of the unfair compensation and shortage of stenographic professionals in NYC, these companies will narrow page margins on your transcription, to squeeze more profit out of your deposition. With our hourly rate model, you’ll never have to worry about funky layouts and surprise page rate fees ever again.

Simplicity: Essential To All Legal Professionals – Without Exception.

With REC, simply auto-book your court reporter with a two-hour minimum down payment, and our support team will contact you immediately to get you all set up with your court reporter! It’s that easy! On top of that, our pricing breakdown is in black and white, right here on our website. No more headaches with surprise fees and invoices that total to twice or more what you originally agreed upon.

Ready to simplify and reduce the cost of your court reporting experience?

Need a little more information?

Check out our product parameters page, or get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to explain our product in depth.


REC is an agency for court reporters, focused on creating a happy medium of fairness, simplicity and efficiency between our stenographic professionals and our clients, across the tri-state area.

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